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Baptisms at Gospel Peace Church!

A couple of months ago, we launched as a local, New Testament church. Praise the Lord. And, we also had the opportunity to celebrate three baptisms! We went down to the Logan River, and rejoiced in the Lord's kindness! See the video below. PRAISE GOD!

We're actually talking with FIVE more individuals about baptism. Please pray for wisdom as we point people to Christ! PRASIE GOD!

**You'll notice me in a sling! I had shoulder (labrum) surgery shortly before this video. It's a long road to full recovery of range of motion (six months or more). I'm currently in physical therapy to stretch and strengthen. I would appreciate prayers.

  • Praise! A close friend of mine (I've mentioned him on this blog before) has decided to place his full trust in Christ! Praise the Lord! Pray for him. I'm sure the Enemy will be on the attack.

  • Pray for Christian Community at Gospel Peace Church. Some of our people have faced significant difficulty. So please pray that our church will surround them and encourage them in the Lord.

  • Praise God for lots of opportunities on the campus of Utah State University. Our college ministry is growing very quickly, and the Lord has given us many opportunities with the football team here. Pray for wisdom as we interact and encourage and point people to Christ.

  • Pray for Abbey as she interacts with many unbelieving friends at the school our kids attend once a week. The Lord seems to be opening doors here.

  • Pray for our kids as they learn more and more about the gospel. Pray that they would trust God with their lives.

  • Pray for me (Paul) as I preach regularly at Gospel Peace. Pray that the Lord will continue to use His Word to change people's lives.

  • Pray for more opportunities for the gospel here in the Cache Valley.

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