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Summer Travel!


We got to see the famous Utah arch (Delicate Arch)! Many of you have asked about our transition and how our family has been settling in to life in Utah. Well, the Lord has been so kind to us. We keep thanking Him over and over. We have had the opportunity to explore some of Utah as a family, and we've been able to meet so many new friends, as we've gotten more involved in ministry here in Salt Lake City.

Vail (8), Zeke (5), Pilar (6), Amos (2)

We are so thankful for Gospel Grace Church (in SLC). This church has been so kind in reaching out to us and supporting us. We love this church very much and are so thankful to be members here and for this year before we head to Logan! And, I'm really enjoying the residency program at the GGC where I'm getting more and more involved in church life and learning a lot!


My next four posts are going to give you all quick updates on what God has been doing this past summer and into the fall. You can expect updates on the leadership team, the location, the church name, the launch team, and the finances for the plant. First, a travel update!

Summer Travel

I had the opportunity to travel to a couple of times this summer to meet with pastors and churches and individuals in order to keep raising the needed finances for our ministry here in Utah. I wish you all could look over my shoulder as the Lord consistently demonstrates His generosity and provision through His people. Praise God!


I was able to take my son, Zeke, with me on this trip! We had a blast! I was able to catch up with some really good friends, some of whom were able to support us. It's amazing. I'm so thankful. I had the opportunity to present our ministry in a church, and we were able to add this church to the monthly financial partnership list as well. Praise the Lord!


I was invited by a church in Michigan to speak for a 3-day youth retreat and to preach for their Sunday morning service, where I was able to present our ministry in Utah. This church was so kind and generous! We have some very good friends in leadership at this church, so it was great to catch up with these families. Also, I was also able to connect with several other churches in Michigan while I was there. Some of those churches are very interested in partnering with us through prayer, finances, and even sending people.

Upcoming Travel

We have one trip coming up to Denver, CO! A church has invited me to speak there with serious intent to partner with us. Please pray for this opportunity. We will also get to visit with some very good friends of ours that live in Denver. We're really looking forward to this!

We will likely head back to Michigan sometime this fall in order to develop more partnerships with interested churches. Please pray that the Lord will continue to provide for our needs!

If you'd like us to come to your church, please reach out to me at

I'd love to present our ministry, preach, or give an update on what the Lord is doing for the sake of the gospel here in Utah! We are still praying for more gospel partnerships for the Logan church plant.

Please Pray!

  • Pray for the leadership team of the church plant in Logan. We need much wisdom as we make plans and make decisions for the upcoming plant (update on this coming soon).

  • Pray for wisdom as we research the Logan area and interact with some of the pastors and ministry leaders up there.

  • Pray for more and more Gospel opportunities here in SLC and as we interact with people in Logan. The Lord has been so kind here as we meet people!

  • Pray for the Lord to begin working in people's lives in Logan, specifically, softening their hearts to hear the good news.

  • Pray that our needs will be met.

  • Praise the Lord for His provision so far!

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1 Comment

Don & Deen Clanton
Oct 22, 2020

Dear Paul & Abbey,

We are excited with you and are praising the Lord for all that He has already done and will continue to do as you reach out to the people there in SLC. We are praying for each one of your Family. We are asking the Lord to use each one of the children in a special way to teach the SLC children what they have learned about what Jesus has done in their lives. We really miss you but know that you are right where the Lord wants you to be and know that He has chosen His best to handle planting these churches in SLC. Paul, our support for your ministry should be coming …

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