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The Leadership Team!

Below is a picture of the leadership team and our families! So thankful for these friends and partners in the gospel!

By God's grace, we were able to solidify the leadership team for the church plant! I officially asked these men to be a part of the Logan church plant this past summer. The Lord has been so kind! Each of these guys have been in internships at Gospel Grace Church (GGC) and are currently elder candidates with ordination coming for each of them in February 2021. It's a really exciting time! Praise the Lord! Let me introduce you to the team (in the order pictured below).

Jonathan Jarrett -- Gifted in Worship Leading and Music

Jonathan has been at GGC for 8 years. He's married to Erin, and they have two young boys. I can't wait to regularly work on the weekly liturgy with Jonathan. He's so thoughtful and purposeful in his approach to serve the church weekly in our Sunday gatherings. He's very talented musically, so these gifts will be such a blessing as he leads the music each week. His administrative skills will be so helpful to us in keeping the leadership team organized and communicating well!

John Moon -- Gifted in Preaching and Teaching

John has been at GGC for 8 years. He's married to Jessica, and they have a sweet little girl with boy on the way. I'm so thrilled to have a guy like John who will help share the preaching and teaching load. Along with preaching occasionally, I can see him taking lots of teaching opportunities in what we call Gospel Growth Classes. He also has a burden for family ministry and teen ministry, so he'll take leadership responsibilities in those ministries, as well our community group ministry.

Jared Mitchell -- Gifted in Outreach and Connecting

Jared has been at GGC for 3 years. He's married to Becca, and they have a sweet 1-year-old girl and another girl on the way! He will lead our evangelism and outreach strategies in Logan. He's so great at connecting with people, so guest and new member assimilation will be right up his alley! Jared has had some really good experience in college ministry, so a big part of his role will include ministry on the campus of Utah State University. He has such a love for students!

Paul Campbell -- Gifted in Preaching and Leading

I am planning to be the primary preacher in our weekly gatherings and to oversee the schedule for all the preaching. My leadership responsibilities will include maintaining the direction of the church, pursuing the leadership team, and overseeing the development of leaders within the church.

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1 Comment

Dec 02, 2020

Extremely happy to see the leadership team.........May God Bless you and work in the mission field! I thought Varner are with you as part of the leadership as well. Am I correct?

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