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The Need in Utah

When we look at Utah from the outside, we might initially see many similarities to ourselves. They are hardworking people, they are family oriented, they have conservative morals, they have conservative political views, and there are a lot of successful people and businesses in Utah. However, with further research, you will see that many people in Utah are hurting.

Here are a couple of stats for you to consider:

  • Utah reports the highest rates of clinical depression in the country and prescribes more anti-depressants than any other state.

  • One of the highest rates of suicide — SLC is the highest rate of suicide for women.

  • SLC highest rate of plastic surgery for women.

I think the Mormon religion has much to do with this. Here's one example of how their belief might have this effect. Many Mormons believe that a woman must be called out of the grave by their husbands in the afterlife to become a goddess of another earth-like planet (where they will be eternally pregnant in a polygamous marriage). If they’re not called up by their husbands, they will remain the grave. So, there’s a constant trying to impress, a constant hiding of faults and issues, a constant facade. This weighs heavy on many women in Mormonism.

But, this is not the greatest need.

The people of Utah need the Gospel of grace. The need for Christian churches is massive in Utah. Many cities in Utah would be considered “unreached” because the number of evangelical Christians in those locations would be less than 2% with no local Christian churches (see Joshua Project definition of “unreached”).

  • Only 2.2% of the people in Utah claim to be evangelical Christians.

  • India - 2.3% evangelical

  • Iraq - 3% evangelical

  • China - 4% evangelical

  • Vietnam - 7.2% evangelical

  • There are fewer Christians in Utah than any country in the Western Hemisphere! The next closest would be Cuba at 6%.

This comparison is staggering.

Utah needs the gospel.

Utah needs Christians.

Utah needs churches.

We must do something about this need.

"But you will receive power when the Holy Spirit has come upon you, and you will be my witnesses in Jerusalem and in all Judea and Samaria, and to the end of the earth.” (Acts 1:8)


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