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Utah, Here We Come!

Updated: Jan 12, 2020

We're really excited to finally announce our plans to be a part of a church planting movement in Utah. We will be partnering with Gospel Grace Church (GGC) in Salt Lake City to plant another Christian church. GGC was planted in the heart of the Salt Lake Valley in 2012. In the spring of 2017, several families from GGC partnered with a new leadership team in Riverton, Utah to revitalize an existing church to become Gospel Hope Church. God has blessed this ministry, and we look in faith and hope to our family of churches continuing to partner for the gospel in the Utah.

Now, God is leading the people of GGC to launch their first church plant. And, they've asked us to come to lead the church plant! We can't believe it! We are so humbled by this opportunity. We have really sensed the Lord's leading as we've discussed this opportunity with our church leaders, mentors, and friends.

There are three other men at GGC who are praying about being a part of the leadership team with me. These men have been trained by the leadership of GGC, serving as interns and now have nearly completed the elder candidacy. Two of these guys moved to Utah when the GGC was planted seven years ago. Abbey and I have come to love and appreciate these three men and their families so much. We're looking forward to life and ministry with them!

So, here's the plan: we are going to be moving to Utah in April! The Lord has shown us the need. He has shown us an opportunity. And He has confirmed this by His church.


Stay in touch!

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Jan 13, 2020

It’s so exciting to see God working in Utah. I’m a member of Gospel Hope Church in Riverton, Utah. My Dad is Lloyd Larkin, the former pastor of Trinity Baptist Church that transitioned into Gospel Hope Church. Seeing what God had been and is doing in Utah is so encouraging. You and your family will be in our prayers as you make the move to Utah.

Christy Salazar


Jan 12, 2020

We will miss you so much, what a great place to bring Christ.. such a need for these souls have not heard about our wonderful Jesus.. love you all so much.. Mimi and Popi

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