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VIDEO: Baptisms!

God is clearly at work in the lives of people here in Logan, UT. This couple (below) began attending Gospel Peace Church the very first Sunday we started meeting in Logan. This was in June of 2021 before we even officially lunched (Sep 19, 2021). They were staunchly a part of the dominant religion here in UT, and their journey to Christ is incredible. As the people of our church reached out to them, they began to have many of their spiritual questions answered by the Bible alone. Our community of believers began pointing this couple to salvation by grace alone through faith alone in Christ alone. Soon, they both came to Christ and were baptized as a picture of what Christ has done for them and in them.



  • Pray for this couple as they grow in grace! Leaving their previous church has been very difficult for family relations.

  • Pray for our evangelistic opportunities. We have had many chances to share the gospel with people around our community! Praise God!

  • Pray for the many college students that attend our gatherings. The Lord is opening doors onto the campus of Utah State University, so pray that many will come to know the Lord and many will be discipled in Him.

  • Pray for our church to grow deep in our relationship with the Lord.

  • Praise God that MANY people have been attending our church gatherings. Week after week we have unbelieving guests that hear the true message of the gospel. Pray that more souls will come to Christ.

  • Pray that we would have wisdom as we think towards the future for our church. Specifically, we're quickly running out of space and chairs in our current meeting location. We're actively looking to purchase a more permanent meeting location. We're trusting the Lord to provide in His timing.

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