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VIDEO: Our Meeting Location

Updated: Oct 22, 2020

This past weekend we had the chance to be in our future church gathering location. It was a moving experience to sing, pray, read Scripture, and spend time with pastors and partners from all over the country. We're so thankful that God has already provided a meeting place for us. In fact, we started renting the facility this month in order to hold it until our launch date (Sept 19, 2021).

The Whittier Community Center is a very central location, situated right in between downtown and Utah State University ---- it's also about a block away from the Logan LDS Temple. The Whittier Center offers a fantastic meeting place and classrooms that we can rent for our Sunday gatherings. It includes a large playground and nice lawn for our children's ministries. And, the price is incredible! The total will be about $500/mo for all of our current needs. Praise the Lord! Please reach out to me if you'd like to help provide to cover some of this rent cost.

Here's a direct link to support Gospel Peace Church.

--- Select "Gospel Peace Church" in the drop down menu.

The Vision Trip

Last week, about twenty-five pastors, partners, and others came to visit to experience what life and ministry is like here in Utah. We visited ministries in the Utah Valley, the Salt Lake Valley, and the Cache Valley (where we will plant). We spent time with each church in this new family of churches ---- Gospel Grace, Gospel Hope, and Gospel Peace ---- All in all, we had the opportunity to speak with almost 20 pastors and ministry leaders out here. It was very informative and very moving to hear how these men and women have seen the true gospel at work in the lives of the people here. We're so thankful for all those who were able to come out and are praying about how God might use them to advance the mission here in in Utah.

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