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Video Update (4/23/2023)

Thanks for everyone that has been praying for us! It really means a lot us our family.

Please Pray:

  • Pray for our evangelism with our neighbors, especially one who has significant health struggles. The doctors say that doesn’t have long to live.

  • Pray for the friends we have me through the kids sports. Pray that all of us will be a light for the gospel for them.

  • Pray for our interaction with the football players who we have “adopted.” It’s a great opportunity.

  • Pray for our kids to grow to love Christ more and more. And, pray for us parents to lead them well spiritually.

  • Praise the Lord that Paul’s parents are planning to move to Logan this coming summer. We’re all very excited!

  • Pray for my time with an inmate, Alonzo. He is very hungry for discipleship. Pray that the jail will allow us to baptize him.

  • We have a good number of guests who attend Gospel Peace Church but have not yet committed… some who need to commit to Christ and some who need to commit to His church. Pray that the Lord would work!

  • Pray that the Lord would give wisdom concerning the purchase ofa church building for our church gatherings. If the Lord keeps blessing with attenders and members, we will need to find a solution soonish.

  • Pray for unity and depth of community for our people at GPC.


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