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We're in Logan!

An update for you is long overdue! So, here's a quick video with Amos to catch you up on our move. I'd like to do more short videos like this over the next couple of months.

Thanks so much for your faithful prayers and support!

The Lord is at work! I can't wait to tell you all that He has done over the last few months.

More videos to come.


  • Pray for our family as we settle in to Logan. We've been in the throws of home renovations and home schooling!

  • Pray for our neighbors. We can't wait to get to know them and tell them about Jesus. Our house is just a tool to be used for His glory.

  • Pray for Gospel Peace Church. Pray the team of people joining us would be unified through humility that God in our lives (Phil 2).

  • Pray for the GPC Launch Team who are transitioning to Logan soon. It's very hard to say goodbye to friends and family. They're sacrificing and suffering for the sake of His name in Logan. Pray for strength and endurance.

  • Praise the Lord for His kindnesses to us! He keeps providing over and over and over. It's quite overwhelming. Hallelujah!

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